Saturday, March 1, 2014

Winter Fun

Here are various pictures from some fun winter activities.

Charlie painting his dinosaurs that Nick and Stephanie gave him... he loved these!

I love how focused he was on painting!

These dinosaurs had aaalllll the colors on them. Every time I would open a new paint color Charlie would say, "Ooooh, [that color] is amazing!"

The finished products!

Though it was often too cold to play outside, Charlie could certainly invent plenty to do inside! Here he is with Sarah Grace in their "tent" under the table.

One morning Charlie built a Cheerio tower...

Once again, under the table. Charlie would move the Christmas tree over to "Pete's house." Pete is the imaginary lion that lives under the table.

Playing with Gammer!

Gammer doubles as a horse, too.

Cheese!! Henry having snack in the toy closet. I couldn't resist taking this picture!

We got several packets of these things from Wendy's kids meals, and Charlie really enjoys making various creations out of them.

Henry helped me in the kitchen some! Here he is admiring the stew for the chicken and dumplings. I wouldn't let him stir that since it was hot, but I did let him help me make the dumplings.

Stirring the dough.

Smiling for the camera, still sporting sleepy nap eyes!

He was having so much fun he continued to play with leftover dough after the dumplings had been dropped.

He also wanted to wear the oven mit!

Washing dishes (i.e., playing in the soapy water!).

Charlie's turn to wash the dishes.

I'm not really sure what Charlie was inventing here, but notice the strategic placement of my spatula and Swiffer. Who needs toys, right?!

At Sarah Grace's birthday dinner!

She chose a princess/pirate theme which I thought was absolutely precious (and original!).

The little guys eating dinner- she picked hot dogs, homemade mac and cheese, strawberries, and juice. It was quite a yummy meal!

Her princess/pirate cake- that's a crown in the middle made of sprinkles and marshmallows and pirate candy decor on the edge.

Blowing out her candles!

Opening the gift we gave her, a Minnie Mouse activity packet for her to do on their drive down to Disney a few days later.

While we were inside partying with Sarah Grace, it was snowing outside! Of course the boys ran out in it as soon as we opened the door to go home.

Admiring the snow the next morning.

They liked looking at it but didn't care much for playing in it. I can't really blame them... that stuff is cold!

Our snowy front yard view.

Henry helping with mashed potatoes one night.

Shaking the salt into the potatoes.

That night Charlie set the table for the first time. Pretty good!

My lovies in their jammies.

Time for a puppet show!

These puppets were made from the puppet kit we got Charlie using Grandma's birthday money!

Here Charlie, Henry, and SG were in a boat. They couldn't let their feet touch the floor!

Making Valentine's Day cards on V. Day morning.

Showing off the heart cookies they got to have after lunch!

Uncle Dan's birthday and his delicious cake from Whole Foods!

The Barker kids, all grown up!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Charlie Turns 3!!!

Charlie chose a dinosaur theme for his party this year. We blew up lots of green balloons, taped "dinosaur prints" on the carpet leading to the kitchen, and decked out the kitchen with dinosaur decorations.
Here is Charlie's cake, complete with dinosaur figurines! (They even opened to show their skeletons!)

For snacks we had dinosaur chicken nuggets, grapes, cheddar cheese Chex Mix, cheese, and cake and ice cream. Yum!!

The first thing we did was paint dinosaurs. The kids could pick the colors they wanted.

Everyone busy with their artwork!

The birthday boy concentrating on his project.

Here are the finished products drying! Once the paint dried, they could put the stegosaurus spikes on their dinosaurs (I had painted them the night before to eliminate that step!). It ended up being a cute craft that the kids really seemed to enjoy.

After the craft it was time for cake!
Singing to our boy.

Waiting for his piece of cake!

Everyone enjoyed the snacks!

Charlie in his special dinosaur hat from Sarah Grace.

After snacks and some play time, it was time for the dinosaur pinata!

Charlie giving it a whack.

Henry's turn.

Bryson taking a shot at it.

All the other kids took turns, and then Charlie gave it another try. That dinosaur just didn't want to be destroyed!

Jimmy finally got it, and the kids had fun collecting candy.

The party favor was a plastic dinosaur cup that they could each put their candy in and take home.

Henry doing what he does... standing around eating a piece of candy!

The party crew!

Charlie later that afternoon, in his fireman suit Granana and Gammer gave him.

The next day was Charlie's actual birthday, and the day began with opening his presents from us! We sat his  easel in the middle of the floor with a birthday message on the chalkboard and painting paper in front of it.
Here he is sweetly allowing Henry to open one of his presents, a matching game.

Opening a puppet kit we got him with birthday money from Grandma.

Opening his last gift...

...a dinosaur puzzle!

Charlie got to pick where we went to lunch after church since it was his birthday, and he chose Taco Bell.
Enjoying his chicken quesadilla!

Excited to be there!

The Byrds!

A birthday noogie for Charlie...

...and one for Daddy, too!

After lunch Mom and Dad brought by a new-to-us kitchen she found for a great deal while bargain hunting. This was not for Charlie's birthday but was quite a treat nonetheless! The boys have really enjoyed it. Here Charlie is filling cups with water (which he knows how to do because of Tara's fridge!).

Stocking the fridge.

The birthday boy with Granana and Gammer.

We love you to pieces Charlie... your exuberance and enthusiasm, your affection for others, your curiosity, your creativity, everything. You are a ray of sunshine, and when you came to us three years ago we had no idea we could love someone so deeply and so fully. We are thankful beyond words to have you and will always love you more than you know. Happy 3rd Birthday sweet boy!