Monday, December 15, 2014


At the beginning of November the boys and I took a day trip to Chesapeake to visit Will and Mandie. We met them at Chick-Fil-A where we had lunch together, then Mandie and I got to catch up over coffee while the boys played on the outdoor playground. Words are insufficient to describe how sweet it was to talk to Mandie for hours and watch our boys play.

As we were packing up to go to their nearby apartment to continue our visit, I got the car going and then closed the door to go get the boys one at a time. And then the car locked. With the ignition running. Thank goodness for AAA.... about 45 minutes later they saved the day and I was able to get in my car again! We headed to their apartment for a while after that mishap and then across the street to get some yummy Mexican food for dinner. All 3 boys devoured cheese dip, among other things. 

After dinner we headed to the dojo to say hi to Jason and his mom Diana. It just happened to be "board-chopping-night" there (don't ask me what it's really called...) so Jason let all the little guys do their own board after the real students finished. So neat!! Here is Henry's turn.

Charlie's turn (and his little karate dude Diana gave him is sitting on the cinderblock).

In their jammies, ready to go! We tried to get a picture of the three boys together, but that wasn't going to happen. All three of them were sleepy, and my boys were grumpy.

One last picture. It's hard to believe it's been 11 years since we met! So very thankful that the seminary put us together as roommates in West Oak, apt. 370A. 

Singing at LAMBS Bible Study
Since we haven't put Charlie in preschool yet, he had never sung in front of us in a big group until this morning at LAMBS! The boys and I have been going to a Bible study this semester that we have all loved... I go to my own class while the boys attend theirs! They have story time, craft time, time to play outside, music, etc. On this particular morning the 3-year-olds got to perform for us, and I was so excited!!!
Here they are in the next room getting ready. Charlie is sitting beside his buddy Joey (the little girl to the left). I was in there since it was my day to help with childcare.

They're a little blurry because, well, they're preschoolers and they move a lot!!

I was so proud of my little guy!

Movie Night
One Friday we had Papa Murphy's Pizza and then hot chocolate and a movie afterwards. The boys loved the hot chocolate (and especially the marshmallows!!).

Jimmy with his new mug. His company recently changed names, and they gave him a hoodie, gloves, backpack, mug, etc.

"Raking" the Leaves
Since we've been living in places where other people keep the yard, we don't have a rake. It seemed like Charlie really wanted to make a leaf pile, though, so we took some things outside and tried to do just that. Fortunately we didn't have to truly rake the yard with our broom, box top, and Swiffer.
The boys working hard!

It is astounding to me how much he looks like a boy in this picture (especially when you blow it up). Slow down time, slow down!!!!!

We used the wagon to drive the leaves to our pile.

Henry working while Charlie "supervised."

Running and jumping into our pile!

The view in our backyard. It's nice to live in an apartment complex and not look directly at other apartments. We love the woods around us!

Decorating the Christmas Tree
We wanted to decorate our tree before heading to CT for Thanksgiving, so we turned on our Christmas music and put some snowman cookies in the oven!
Needless to say, they were super excited to cook and eat these!

Our cookie picnic!

Our tree is small because our boys are and so is our house. This is the perfect size for picking up after it has been knocked over! (Which thankfully has not happened yet.) Keeping our tree low-key also helps me be okay with them rearranging ornaments.

I can't remember if this is before or after Charlie tried to eat one of last year's cinnamon ornaments...

Putting the star on top (upside-down)... the one that he made last year!

Take 2. This time it went on the right way.

Love our little tree, and especially Henry's star!

Our first attempt to show me a "Yay!" face since the tree was done. I think Charlie was finishing his celebratory jump.

2nd attempt... at least they're both looking my direction.

Looking at the advent calendar!

Thanksgiving post coming soon!!!

Halloween Festivities

Personally, I think Halloween is a pretty awesome day, and this year's celebration did not disappoint! Our festivities started with story time at the library that week. The kids got to wear their costumes, the story time focused on Halloween stories and songs, and the library had trick-or-treat "stations" set up for the kids.

The boys loved wearing their costumes for the first time! Charlie was a dinosaur and Henry was a scarecrow (specifically No Noggin from the Curious George Halloween movie... only with a head...).

I made Charlie's out of an old Scooby Doo costume. Henry wore his jeans and a shirt we got him for the occasion. I put a patch on his jeans and yellow yarn on his sleeves.

Charlie had to have a seat where his tail would fit!

Eating their treats from the library and reading books with Granana.

The next night we had a great time turning our pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns!
Jimmy drew our design before carving. The boys wanted Mickey again this year.

Scooping out the insides.

Henry decided he wanted to draw on some pumpkins just like Daddy did.

They colored all of the little ones.

Looking at the finished product!

With the lights off! Jimmy did a great job.

That night the boys let me rock them to sleep. It was precious- I love to have a lap full of my boys!

One afternoon with Mom the boys made some decorations to put on our doors. I love the smiley faces Charlie made on his pumpkins and ghosts!

Henry's decorations. Mom said he had fun cutting paper, so that random piece of what paper is what he cut.

Decorations for the front door. Charlie was especially excited!

Jimmy dressed up as a baseball player for work on the morning of the 31st. 

That night we went to Nick and Stephanie's house in Cary for dinner and trick-or-treating. We were all really excited about this! They cooked a delicious quesadilla dinner and then the boys (and Nick and Stephanie!) changed into costumes. Here they are pre-trick-or-treating. (Also, Mom had previously helped make Henry's costume look a little more scarecrowish with more yarn hay.)

Charlie's gargantuan tail that I was proud of.

Cutie pie Henry! Love his little red nose and the patch on his knees!

Heading out to collect some candy!

Stephanie- the cutest jellyfish ever! I thought this was a very clever costume!

The boys were thrilled to be walking the streets for candy and had a great time at all the different houses. It was so fun to watch them and their excitement was contagious!

They weren't shy about going to the doors and took turns ringing the doorbells.

Running down the sidewalk. So sweet!

Walking down the street with Henry holding my hand (doesn't happen often!). Also, Nick started holding Charlie's bucket when he felt like it was too heavy!

Looking at all their candy when we got back! We had some donuts together and then got the boys in their jammies before driving home. The whole night was great fun!
The next day we were supposed to participate in the Scarecrow Festival in a park in Raleigh, but sadly it was cancelled because of the weather. Maybe next year!